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Who Is Blast In ‘One Punch Man’?

He’s the Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen of the One Punch Man universe. Next question.

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Wait! I Don’t Understand!?

Ugh, do I have to spell it out for you? Alright, here goes.

Blast is the S-1 ranked hero in the Hero Organization. It means that he is perceived to be the most powerful hero in the entire world. Just how powerful is he? He’s able to go toe to toe with God. Well, not necessarily God himself (or itself in this world) but a supercharged villain named Gaoru who received awesome powers from God. Blast was also able to almost kill the Elder Centipede, a being a unimaginable power that nearly killed three other S ranked heroes of the Hero Organization. Blast is said to “sit atop the hero world” according to the hero Fubuki, and is the “strongest” hero on Earth.

At least he was, until he met Saitama.

Saitama is the strongest being in existence. He can defeat any enemy in one punch. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is able to defeat the God in one punch as well. Poor Blast can’t hold a candle to Saitama’s power. So to answer your question once and for all, let’s use a little logic. The number one hero is the strongest hero on earth. Blast is known as the number one hero. Saitama is the strongest hero on Earth. If Saitama replaces Blast, Blast is no longer number one.

So who is Blast? Like Spongebob‘s Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen before him… HE WAS NUMBER ONE!!!!!

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