Did You Notice the Marvel-Owned Character Easter Egg in Deadpool?


I haven’t read very many Deadpool comics, so I’m not entirely familiar with the ins and outs of his supporting cast of characters. Then again, even if you are familiar with Deadpool’s allies and villains, you may not have noticed this blink-or-you’ll-miss-it reference in the new Deadpool film. So, which Marvel character did Deadpool manage to sneak in despite being a 20th Century Fox film? Keep reading! **This isn’t a movie-shattering spoiler at ALL, but if you want to see Deadpool with as little information as possible, SPOILER ALERT**


OK, you’re here ’cause you wanna be here and wanna know this information and what scene it happens in and all that, right? Good.

So, in the climactic fight scene at the end, when Deadpool is facing Francis’ henchmen, he comes across an old friend named Bob, and they stop to have a conversation mid-fight, with Deadpool cordially asking after his family before taking him out. I thought the moment was hilarious on its own, but it was also a way for the film to incorporate an Easter Egg. For “Bob” is Bob, Agent of Hydra – who is one of our favorite Merc’s frequent sidekicks.

According to Cinema Blend, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick explained how and why they did it:

That’s why he’s just called Bob. The hardcore fans will go, ‘Oh my God, is that Hydra Bob?’ but the lawyers at Marvel won’t go, ‘Wait, that’s Hydra Bob, they don’t have the rights to it.’ We did take some liberties. Fox has a list of characters that they own and that we can use, and Simon Kinberg, who is a producer on the project, is the keeper of the X universe. So he was a great source for us in knowing what we can use, how it’s going to play into the larger story, and overall arching stories of the X universe. So between Simon and legal, they kind of guided us to what we can and can’t do or have access to, and then it was up to us to see how we were going to use those characters creatively, once we knew we really did have the rights.

Did you know that was Hydra Bob when you saw the film? What other Deadpool characters do you hope make an appearance in the inevitable Deadpool sequel? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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