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What’s Up With Tumblr? Curated Sundries for the Curious

Tumblr is peak social media.

Daria using her computer and giving us peons a Look.

Remember when we all thought Twitter was going to instantly combust, and everyone was scrambling to find a new alternative? HA! At this point, Twitter is the miserable old landowner who refuses to let go, and we’re all the estate inheritors just waiting and biding our time.

Well, maybe not “we.” Me and all the other Darias have been sticking to Tumblr this entire time, waiting and watching as people have come and go. For many of us, Tumblr is the ultimate social media platform: it’s largely anonymous and doesn’t operate on who’s popular, who’s famous, or who has what brand. It’s pretty removed from the “age of ads” and is proof that, when you give people a platform they actually feel comfortable with and enjoy using, they’ll keep it alive by sheer force of will.

So, I want to start doing something. I want to start sharing some of my favorite posts with you, dear readers. We often see Tumblr posts get passed around the internet, yet we rarely tap into them from the source. These are some of the goodies that have popped up lately.

Tumblr sundries, coming right up

Behold, to start: a tale of piggy love.

Sometimes, the best relationships are formed through balance. On one side, you’ll have a thick bitch who gets shit done. On the other side, you have Kermie. Symbiosis at its finest.

Meanwhile, how are the kids doing?

Seems like they’re gonna be alright, which is always good to hear.

Now, in case you didn’t already know, Tumblr wouldn’t be Tumblr without Jeff and his “bad” jokes.

Sometimes, though, we don’t need jokes. We need some apt cultural observations to smack some sense into us. Like this:

Look inside. You know it to be true.

But Tumblr is also great for stories that will linger in the back of your mind whether you like it or not. Like this one:

Ultimately, there are two kinds of people: the people who are knuckle-deep in eczema, and the people who are sick at home with a tummy full of pork bao.

And this seems like a good, mildly disgusting way to end things (for now … ). Although, I did want to say something on my way out—

Smell you later, suckers.

(Featured Image: MTV, via Paramount+)

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