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Wait, Was That the Song I Think It Was in ‘Argylle’?

Argylle may be an action-packed spy story with twists and turns you want to keep secret but it also has a lot of heart! The film’s emotional depth comes through especially hard in its use of a specific song throughout the movie—whose usage also happens to make cinematic history!

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Spoilers for Argylle lie head. Don’t let Alfie catch you snooping.

From the start of Elly’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) journey, we see her taking her self-care seriously. When asked by a fan at a Q&A if she had plans that night, Elly says that she has a hot date. That date happens to be with her fictional character Argylle (Henry Cavill) and her cat Alfie (Chip the cat) but still, she is taking care of herself during the sequence. Pouring herself a drink, putting on a cozy sweater, and putting on her favorite song, Elly gets ready to write.

The song in question (which is labeled as “her song”), is the latest song from the Beatles, titled “Now and Then.” Argylle marks the first property to use the song, which was released in 2023 thanks to new technological advancements, and uses it in such a brilliant way that you sort of ignore the fact that this song just came out, even though Sam Rockwell’s character says that it has been their song for years.

“Now and Then” has an importance to both Aidan (Rockwell) and Elly. As we learn in the movie that Elly is actually Agent R. Kylle and her relationship to Aidan, the song takes on a different meaning. Scoring most of the movie, we are never far from “Now and Then,” so when it is revealed by Aidan that Elly’s love of the song is rooted in Rachel Kylle’s relationship with him, it’s a lot!

On a personal note, this song and I have a strange relationship. Knowing that my father (who passed his love of the Beatles down to me) will never hear their final song has been a lot to work through. Now, watching a Matthew Vaughn movie that he’d also love that features said song? I was a wreck.

Honestly, made me cry

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I did not expect to get emotional over Argylle and yet here we are. Maybe I should have learned after I cried over Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and Eggsy’s (Taron Egerton) relationship in Kingsman: A Secret Service. But what works in Argylle is completely down to Aidan and Rachel/Elly’s relationship. Which is heavily tied to this song.

Elly does not remember her former life, which means she does not remember Aidan. Using a song that features the lyrics “Now and then, I miss you” as Aidan is trying to get her to remember him? Ouch, that one hurts.

It all makes me ignore the fact that this means this movie is either set in the future or they somehow got an advanced copy of “Now and Then” to listen to all the time. Whatever the reality is of having this song by the Beatles (and the last one at that) in this movie, I’m glad it gave me one of the best final action sequences possible!

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