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What the %&^# is Narsil?

viggo mortensen as aragon in the lord of the rings

Omg I think I got high on Narsil once at a party.

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Yeah, I literally got so high I went to like a… parallel universe that was kinda like ours, but everyone had silver hair and were fucking each other’s cousins.

Wait… that wasn’t Narsil? Omg, no, that was Hobbit weed duh. Mary and Pippin brought it over from The Shire section of campus and we got fuuuuuucked up. I think we lit off some of Professor Gandalf’s fireworks. He was so pissed. Lol. Sick party.

So I’m going to have to figure out what Narsil is. Lemme call my boy, Aragorn, he’s a King of Men so he’d def know.

Yo GORN! How’s shit at Gondor? Niiiiiiice. Yeah, I’m chillin’. Listen I got a q for you. Wtf is Narsil? Like is that something I smoked at that party as the Orc frat or- ohhhhh forreal? Ok. Word. that makes sense. Thnx bruh. Aight talk to you later. No YOU the KING OF MEN! Peace.

Yeah, so my boy Aragorn says Narsil is a sword. Lol rip. Cause it was a sword. It was King Elendil’s sword, he’s an alumni now but he went here an age or two ago. He used it to fight that kid, Sauron, but it got broken. And it was really valuable for school spirit so people hung on to it. Then it got broken and then reforged into Aragorn’s sword, Anduril, Flame of the West. Sick name right? Honestly, makes me wanna spark up.

So like… you trynna smoke? I could call Mary and Pippin. I know they got.

Aw yeaaaaaaaahhhh imma get so high I’m going to Lefteros or whatever that place was called.

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