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The Internet Ponders: What Do You Hate Most About the Harry Potter Movie Changes?

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger

Recently, a tweet has been making the rounds about Harry Potter. Asking what makes you angry about the movie adaptations, it shows a lot about a person depending on what they pick. There is plenty to get into when talking about the Harry Potter films—storylines omitted and aspects that aren’t in line with the books, so much of them can be picked apart and prodded—but for me, specifically, I will never forgive the films for absolutely destroying the story about Harry and his eyes.

In the books, Harry’s entire connection to his mother is his eyes. Constantly, he’s told that he has his mother’s eyes. Without fail, people see James in his looks, but they look into his eyes and see the same shade of green that Lily had. As someone who has green eyes that they inherited from their mother, I so loved the idea of Harry Potter and I having something in common outside of us just wearing glasses and being dramatic.

So what do the movies do? They take the idea of Harry having Lily’s eyes and … throw it out the damn window. There’s even a point where Snape says that he has Lily’s eyes, and the next scene with a child Lily in it zooms in on her … brown eyes, while Daniel Radcliffe’s are blue.

The problem all stemmed from the fact that Daniel Radcliffe couldn’t wear contacts, and they didn’t want to have to CGI his eyes to be green. Make his eyes green, you cowards!

The original tweet was simple, just stating that the thing we hate most is very telling:

And fans went with it.

Have something you hated from the Harry Potter movies? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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