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New Excerpt From Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Is All About Moving Forward

The first excerpt of Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened was both heartbreaking and illuminating, as Clinton described the discomfort of Donald Trump trying to physically intimidate her during the second presidential debate. Clinton describes a struggle most women know well between keeping her calm and speaking up, and her doubt regarding that decision rang painfully familiar for many.

A new exclusive excerpt from Bustle shows that while Clinton’s memoir from Simon & Schuster will be a devastating and candid read from her perspective, it won’t only linger on what happened. Rather, as the description writes, “it’s about what happens next–for Clinton and for everyone who championed the values of her campaign.” This includes the foundation Onward Together Clinton launched with Howard Dean earlier in May and other details about what concrete actions each and every one of us can take.

While we might feel broken, angry, and hurt by everything Trump has done and spoken, Clinton and What Happened plans on showing readers the importance of perseverance. That we take that devastation, recognize it, and move forward with inspiration. She hasn’t given up, and neither should we.

This includes passages like:

“There are many other ways to resist, insist, persist, and enlist. Register to vote. Help your friends and family do the same. You have to vote in every election, not just during presidential years. It matters. For one, your right to vote is protected or undermined by state and local officials who oversee and conduct elections. Bring as many other people as you can to the polls with you.”

Or this one:

“Local issues are every bit as important as national and global ones. If you see a problem in your community that needs fixing or an injustice that needs correcting, and you think, ‘Someone ought to do something about that,’ guess what? That someone could easily be you. Show up at a city council or school board meeting and suggest a solution. If a problem is affecting your life, it’s probably affecting someone else’s — and that person might just be willing to join you.”

You can read the full excerpt hereWhat Happened hits shelves Sept. 12, are you going to pick up a copy?

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