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The Mary Sue/WeLoveFine Design Contest Update: Our Celebrity Judge is Veronica Belmont!

Have you entered yet?


Did you forget that we’re throwing a contest with WeLoveFine where you can win great prizes and cash money for designing us some exciting prints and tees? Well, we’re reminding you, because we can now announce the identity of our celebrity judge!


Drumroll please… it’s Veronica Belmont! An Internet and TV presenter based in San Francisco, Belmont is the co-host of the Sword & Laser and Vaginal Fantasy book club podcasts and recently hosted the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary live stream for BBC America.

Let’s refresh your memory on what you could win:

There’ll be one Grand Prize winner, plus three Judge’s Pick winners (chosen by Rebecca, Jill, and Susana), and one Celebrity Judge Pick (chosen by Veronica Belmont). The winners will receive:

  • Grand Prize (1): $1,200 in cold hard moolah, plus a sideshow of your art and an interview on this here site. We’ll Tweet and/or Facebook promote your design—with you tagged, of course. Oh, and you’ll get two tickets to any Reed Expo show, airfare/transportation not included.
  • Judge Pick (3): Each winner will get their design promoted via Facebook and/or Twitter, plus $200 cash, a slideshow of their design on The Mary Sue, and our undying love and affection.
  • Celebrity Judge Pick (1): $100, a slideshow of your design on The Mary Sue, that Facebook and/or Twitter promotion of your design, and, of course, bragging rights.

You can find the complete original rules and suggestions on WeLoveFine, but the most important one is: the submission deadline is July 8th! So get designin’!

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