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The Weekend Anime Round-up Presents: Mean Goth Boys, Reki Infinity, and the Most Powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer

Red and blue makes HOLY SHIT!

The strongest jujutsu sorcerer

Hello there, fellow anime viewers, and welcome to the WEEKEND Anime Round-up.

What the HFIL is this, you ask?

Well, I realized that the weekly round-ups were VERY long. That, and it was hard to keep up with that many shows and write about all of them in one piece. So, I’m splitting it up into two weekly pieces!

On Mondays, we’ll have the weekend anime round-up, which will summarize the series I watch over the weekend. On Fridays, we’ll have the weekday anime round-up, which does the same thing, only for the weekday shows. This will be for the ongoing series I’m watching, so even if I spent the weekend watching Fatal Fury and all of its OVAs and spectacularly 90s movie, that won’t be part of the round-up.

That being said, I still owe y’all some recaps of last week’s anime, so that’s gonna be included here, too!


Weekday Anime Backlog

Norman's determined to go through with his plan

Time to play catch up with what happened last week before diving into the episodes we have coming up.


Thursday, February 25

The Promised Neverland season 2 episode 7

Where to watch: Funimation

Barbara after recovering from her seizure

I think it might be easier to make bullet points of everything we learn in this episode. Here we go!


What’s the deal with Mujika?

Mujika can maintain the form + intelligence of humans even without eating them, so it’s confirmed that she’s never eaten a human in her life. She’s been alive for about 700 years (after the promise, but before the establishment of the farms), first appearing in a suffering town and using her blood to feed demons. Those demons gained human shape + intelligence like her, meaning that by using Mujika’s blood, demons are able to live without having to eat humans.

More importantly, by having her blood, those demons were able to create others like them.

This should be seen as a positive, but the nobles in the area found out and immediately captured, killed, and ATE the demons. Mujika was thought to have been killed, but it turns out she wasn’t. This explains the real reason why she and Sonju travel the way they do (making sure to stay hidden).


Why would the nobles do this?

Because Mujika’s powers threatened their ability to control the supply of human meat. With Mujika around, there’d be no need for farms, nor would there be any way for nobles to decide who would have access to meat or the quality of meat the rest of demonkind would get. To put it bluntly, the nobles were only thinking of themselves and the power they could have over their entire civilization if they eliminated Mujika.

(That, and as Norman points out, could you really give up eating your favorite food?)

This brings up an interesting point about the promise. Ray says that maybe it wasn’t about ending conflicts with humans, but rather, it was about having a way to maintain a society where demons could regulate who gets human meat, the quality of meat everyone gets, and how much meat goes out.

My question is: did the nobles always think like this, or is it because they gained human intelligence and, therefore, gained this level of selfishness where they’d massacre their own kind so they can continue to capitalize off of them.


Why does Norman want to kill Mujika even if she’s a potential solution to their problem?

Because Norman wants to cause all the demons to degenerate. While Emma pleads with Norman to not kill Mujika and Sonju because they’re friends, Norman doesn’t see them (or any demon) like that. Emma argues that there’s no need for his plan if Mujika is a solution that would make it so demons don’t have to eat humans at all. In fact, since the nobles ate the demons who had Mujika’s blood, they could just use the nobles.

Norman argues that it wouldn’t matter, because if the nobles (and other demons) wanted to come for them, they would. Could they be certain that demons would actually show empathy if this solution was presented to them? It’s a good point to bring up considering the fact that the nobles decimated their own kind over Mujika’s blood. Sure, they could get rid of the nobles, but who’s to say another demon wouldn’t want to do what the nobles did?

After all, humans do the same thing.


Why can’t they just escape to the human world?

The entrance to the human world that Ray and Emma were looking for has been destroyed. There is another gate, and it’s in the most ironic location you can think of: Grace Field House. According to Norman, the gate is deep underground and dangerous to get to (also, there’s a gatekeeper). Oh, and William Minerva + his supporters have been killed, according to Norman, and there’s no guarantee that humans will accept them if they managed to make it to the human world, especially since Minerva and his supporters were killed by humans.

End information dump.

Now that all the cards have been placed on the table, Norman is set in his plan to eliminate all demons so he and everyone else can have their own peaceful world to live in. Emma doesn’t want to go along with it, even if she agrees that his plan is more certain, because, you know, she doesn’t wanna eradicate an entire civilization. Since she’s not able to get through to Norman she makes a deal with him: she requests ten days to find Mujika and Sonju (the deadline gets reduced to five, but she’s fine with that), but in return, he can’t use his drug on the nearby town of demons.

Norman agrees, but he’s totally lying. He says as much when he updates his group on what’s happening. Barbara’s furious that Emma and Ray would consider demons as friends. This leads to her having a seizure (a regular occurrence due to the experiments they suffered from), but apparently, the seizures have been happening more frequently. We find out they don’t have much time left, and it kinda sounds like this plan is necessary for their survival? Oh, and Norman’s got a demon chained up in the basement, clearly doing experiments on it.

Norman is not okay.

Meanwhile, Ray and Emma go to tell the children everything, with Emma reflecting on how it would be wrong to kill off all the demons even if they’re scared. Basically, she brings up everything I thought the group should’ve realized since most of the demons they’ve been facing this season haven’t been all that threatening. Besides the wild demon in the forest, the demons have either helped them (Mujika and Sonju) or have minded their business (save for the two who chased the kids, but Emma points out that the village is trying to survive like they are). It’s decided that Gilda and Don will go with Emma and Ray to find Mujika and Sonju.

The episode ends with Norman having a seizure, showing that he was lying about not being experimented on. We get a flashback of when he was shipped off, hinting that, maybe, the next episode will show what came of that.


2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team episode 8

Where to watch: Funimation

Yuni's amazing spike

The subtitle of this episode should be “that old coach knows a thing or two about giving volleyball boys advice.” He’s been quiet for most of the series, but now that he’s speaking up he’s dropping all sorts of truths. Granted, it’s kinda cryptic, but we all know how those elderly advisors are.

The Seiin team begins their preliminary matches, going with the line-up that Chika suggested (aka: the team captain is sitting out). The old coach pulls Chika aside to remind him that if he’s willing to put others on the line, he also has to be willing to put himself on the line, too. Neither Chika nor Yuni understand this but don’t worry, it’ll hit them when it matters the most.

While the first set goes well, in the second set the team begins to falter, not in-sync the way they usually are when their captain’s playing. This even affects Chika, as he’s not able to get the timing right when setting the ball to Naoyasu (who was put in place of the captain). It also doesn’t help that Chika is more concerned with Fukuho than he is with the match they’re currently playing. This leads to them losing the second set, which means if they lose the next set, they lose the match.

Shinichiro goes on the court to reassure his team even if he’s not playing in the match (like a captain does, heart eyes, I love him). Chika strengthens his resolve, doing anything he can to win (and not just setting the ball) while Yuni decides to embody Fukuho’s ace, Subaru’s, persona, going all-out, and encouraging his team along the way. They finally get what the coach meant by “putting yourself on the line,” which is something Subaru does each game, and the team comes together to win.

Um. After Yuni completely exhausts himself. It’s fine, Shinichiro comes in to win the day.

After the game, Chika and Yuni have a heart to heart about their feelings, I mean, about volleyball, of course. Chika is determined to win with this team and wants to keep watching Yuni shine as their ace. He also wants to be the one who continues to set the ball to Yuni so he can land those magnificent attacks of his. Yuni reassures him that he’ll show him his attack as many times as Chika wants and can these two PLEASE just, at least, fist bump or something? I need the universal sports anime sign of companionship to happen.

After the credits, we get a montage of Seiin winning more games, leading to them going up against Fukuho.


Heaven’s Design Team episode 8

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Rap Battle Courtship!

The episode starts with a desert battle that pits Jupiter against Mercury, each embodying one of their animals for this comical face-off. Jupiter’s decided that it’s much better to feel what his prototypes are feeling so he can get the full scope of what he’s creating. That’s great… except for when you’re trying to make an animal with its ribs on the outside because… it looks cool, I guess? Oh, it’s because he got an order from God to make bones as weapons.


Could you just.

Chill, please?

The group (which includes Shimoda, Mars, and Pluto) goes through many variations on how to do this, having to shut down a lot of Jupiter’s ideas. Just because it’s aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean it’s functional. Thank you for the life lesson Heaven’s Design Team, as I watch this angel get mauled by a lion because his bones are outside of his body. Through MUCH trial and error, the group ends up creating several variations of turtles since its shell is made out of ribs. Oh, and an Iberian Ribbed Newt is made, too, because its ribs actually poke out of its body to fight off predators.

Honestly, it’s been kinda amazing how the crew has ended up with some of these animals. Nature feels like a mismatch of various parts that ends up creating a brand new animal.

The rest of the episode is a musical… kinda? The request everyone gets revolves around courtship, so everyone has their own method of how their favorite type of animal would try and woo its intended mate. It’s kinda hilarious seeing how animals approach courtship, whether it’s singing, being brightly colored, elegantly lifting their legs, and something about a lung capacity battle? All of this is illustrated through the angels and is discovered in the most random ways, like, Jupiter and Mercury having a rap battle to help Pluto figure out frog courtship, a huge chunk of rock breaking off and nearly crushing them, Neptune destroying the rock with a graceful kick, and THAT leading to Pluto’s epiphany on a frog that shows off its leg muscles in a peaceful, but macho, courtship.

That’s actually not nearly as bonkers as Neptune’s Hooded Seal. A part of their body inflames into a bright red, and that part… comes from their nose… like a balloon.

And yes, like every other animal in the series, it’s 100% real.



Weekend Anime Round-up

Hori is into Miya's bad side

Here’s a recap of everything I watched this weekend.

Note: I know Jujutsu Kaisen is on Friday, but I don’t watch it until after work because, well, my wife watches with me and we all know you can’t watch new anime episodes without the wifey. So in the spirit of preserving my marriage and honoring the unspoken motto, “The weekend starts when I’m off the clock,” Jujutsu Kaisen is part of my weekend watch.


Friday, February 26

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 20

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Gojo strong

In a flashback, a young Aoi beats up an older kid who was causing trouble. After the fight, he meets a mysterious motorcycle woman who asks the question he always asks his opponents, “What kind of woman is your type?”

We don’t get to know about her, we just get this hint of her making an impression on him.

As the match between Yuji and Aoi versus Hanami grows more intense, we get to see Aoi’s curse technique in action. With just a clap of his hands, he’s able to switch places with a person (and object, as we learn later). What makes this so hard to deal with is that you never know who (or what) he’s switching with, nor do you know if a clap is a switch or him making you think he’s switching places.

Yuji works amazingly well with it and even manages to do multiple Black Flash attacks, an impressive feet, in my opinion, but the current record holder of consecutive Black Flash attacks (Nanami) is kinda meh about it.

While this is going on, Nobara, Mai, and Utahime run a human who’s working with Team Mahito, while Yoshinobu continues to amp it up against Juzo. As Hanami plans a devastating assault, the veil surrounding everyone begins to vanish.

Way up in the sky is Gojo, just… floating there, because he can do that. He scopes out the situation, appears where Yoshinobu and Juzo are, and just… obliterates Juzo (but keeps him alive) because he can just… DO that. Then he sets his sights on Hanami and, um, COMPLETELY MASSACRES HIM, because he can just DO THAT! No word on whether or not Hanami survives, but… wow, “holy shit” doesn’t even cover it.

And the animation for this part? Absolute chef kisses. Seriously, seeing Gojo’s OP-ness on screen is incredible. He truly is the strongest (and prettiest) sorcerer (and yes, as a manga reader, I can tell you that they do explain how he got this OP, I just doubt it’ll be covered in this season).

Mahito is off by himself and quietly wonders if Hanami is okay, revealing the absolute last thing he needs to have in his possession: one of Sukuna’s fingers.


Saturday, February 27

SK8 the Infinity episode 8

Where to watch: Funimation

Sad skater bois

This episode reminds us that the fine print of Adam’s character profile says well, that escalated quickly. As if the flashback showing him skating against someone along a winding, unrailed road wasn’t enough (spoiler: his opponent didn’t fair well at ALL), we find out how he developed his definition of love. It turns out his aunts abused him, smacking his arms with a ruler and leaving marks, insisting they were doing it because they loved him.

And Adam would thank them.

I swear this is an anime about skateboarding.

The preliminary matches for Adam’s tournament begin, but honestly, we know that the main characters are gonna make it into the tournament. Since we already know that, the series decides to illustrate just how miserable Langa is without Reki being there, and yeah, Reki’s not there at all, much to everyone’s surprise.

I cannot stress enough how this is like watching a breakup in real-time. Like. There’s a part where Langa thinks Reki grabbed his hand and gets so excited… only to see that it’s Adam. Langa’s so heartbroken that he doesn’t even acknowledge that Adam’s creeping on him. This bothers Adam (of course), but what he should be worried about is the mysterious skater who shows up and smokes the competition. Not only is it revealed that the skater is Tadashi, but it turns out Tadashi’s the one who introduced Adam to skateboarding to begin with.

Oh. My. Damn. Not that this wasn’t a Tadashi stan account, but it most definitely is now.

Tadashi says that if he wins the tournament, Adam has to, well, GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER! He says it nicer than that, but basically, Adam needs to realize the severity of what’s going on outside of skateboarding.

Meanwhile, Langa is permanently sad-faced about Reki, but the feeling is mutual. Reki, like, straight up looks out a window so he can see Langa’s reflection. In case you need more proof that these skateboard boys are ex-boyfriends, there’s a scene where Langa’s mother encourages him to be honest with the person he likes. Langa admits that he likes “this person” (and blushes about it), and his mother supports him 100%… and assumes that her son is talking about a girl.

Insert series of question marks from Langa, and um, we never get to see if he corrects her, or how she reacts if he tells her that Reki is a boy. Side note: I kinda adore how Langa’s mom consults her late husband whenever she has a question about what to do re: their teenage child.

Reki, as he sits at home, sees an interview where someone points out that they don’t play the sport anymore, but they are happy offering support. I totally have a headcanon about this, btw:

Even if this is my headcanon, I hope to the skateboard gods and goddesses that someone tells Reki that he’s a good skateboarder, he’s just surrounded by really good skateboarders who he shouldn’t compare himself to. His friend circle consists of Langa (who’s been boarding since he was 2), Miya (a child prodigy), Shadow (who plays dirty), and Cherry and Joe (who have been doing it for years, and once upon a time, with Adam). Speaking of Cherry and Joe, you know I gotta point out how these men have, apparently, traveled together? Multiple times? Across the globe?

Hold on, I got a tweet for this too:

Joe spends the episode flexing his back muscles and his concerned dad muscles, talking to Reki and Langa, offering them advice. Langa and Joe compete against each other, the episode ending before we see who the winner is (but hey, Reki’s at least there, watching).


Horimiya episode 8

Where to watch: Funimation

Miya with his younger self

In hindsight, the other characters get more time in this episode, but the first couple of minutes in this episode hit me so hard. You know how, occasionally, you’ll see a post on social media that asks what you’d say to your younger self? A lot of times, I end up answering in a way that tells my younger self to keep going, because one day, her awkward Black girl ways will be loved, so to keep loving her geek girl ways even if some folks aren’t fond of it.

(There’s also an entire chapter of me telling her that she’s bisexual, not confused, and that’s fine).

I bring that up because that’s how the episode starts. Miya has a dream where he’s talking to his younger self, that part of him unhappy with everything around him. His younger self is so unhappy that he wonders why he’s even alive. Current day Miya reassures his younger self that good things are coming, so he should hold on a bit longer.

This hit me REAL hard.

In all honesty, I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with how I was in my younger days, not until folks introduced the concept of insecurity to me thanks to comments about my geekery, my weight, and even my sexuality. An aunt wondered if I was gay because I didn’t have a boyfriend, which led to some of the adults in my life worrying about it/vehemently denying it. Joke’s on them, of course, but at the time it instilled some self-loathing when I DID start questioning my sexuality.

I think it’s important that Horimiya had this moment because it wasn’t just Miya’s peers that made him feel like this. Adults did, too, but when adults do it they tend to think they’re doing what’s best when that’s not always the case.

Somehow, this is the first 5 minutes of the episode. There’s still the rest of the episode to get to.

We get a look at Kakeru and Remi’s relationship, and I’m immediately amazed at how this series has made me care about ALL of the characters, even ones who I may have rolled my eyes about once upon a time. Full disclosure: that was Remi, mostly because we met her and Kakeru in the episode where they were blaming Hori for a mistake that Remi made. We find out that Kakeru isn’t the strongest person in the world, so at times, Remi will pretend that she needs him so he has a moment to be strong (ie: the spider that lands on her shoulder).

We also find out that a lot of the boys find Remi attractive, but Kakeru and Remi end up getting closer for reasons that have nothing to do with her looks (which I’m sure she appreciates). They end up bonding over the books they read together, Kakeru paying attention to her in a way that none of the other boys do.

The middle of the episode brings us back to Hori and Miya, where Miya attempts to pick on her, for once, which reveals that Hori’s kinda into that. Like. A lot. Seeing the soft goth boy turn into a condescending asshole just does it for her, and look, I ain’t mad at the girl for knowing what she wants. Miya tries his hardest to be the kind of man who would slam a girl up against a wall, but he’s just too pure for that. It’s okay, Hori likes the fact that he tried… and has definitely filed away the image of bad boy Miya.

After that, my girl Yuki gets asked out by a boy so attractive that her entire friend group (boys included) falls for him. However, Yuki decides to not go out with Akane and somehow agrees to do the fake dating trope with her budding crush, Toru. Girl, fake dating AUs only cause more hurt when you secretly like the person you’re (air quote) dating (air quote). Later, Yuki finds out that Akane can’t see all that well because he needs new glasses, so she assumes that he didn’t mean to ask her out since she doesn’t think she’s cute enough for him. Ouch. As to be expected (because this series isn’t THAT cruel) Akane absolutely knew who he was asking out and was serious about wanting to go out with Yuki.

So to recap.

Toru liked Hori, but Hori’s dating Miya (who is now friends with Toru). Sakura likes Toru, but Yuki’s also developing feelings for Toru, who she pretended to date to let Akane down gently, thinking Akane wasn’t serious about asking her out, but he was.

Ah, slice of life anime.


Sunday, February 28

Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai 8 episode 8

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

School is canceled let's go see why

In this week’s episode, a student is called by a teacher at her school and told that a viewing will be going on the next day. She’s told to not come to school, but since this is horror anime, he sounds highly suspect about it. Curiosity gets the better of her and her friends, so she decides to go to school anyway. I’m pretty sure she was called and told not to come so she’d do the exact opposite, especially when she gets to school and sees that the classrooms are full of students.

Full disclosure: if my school would’ve ever called to tell me NOT to go to class, my ass would’ve stayed home.

It turns out the viewing is for the poor girl who decided to come to school, oh, and her friends are outside, waiting for her to show up, unaware that she’s in the building.

That’s all for the weekend round-up! See everyone on Friday for the weekday version of the anime round-up, which will include: Wonder Egg, The Promised Neverland, 2.43 Volleyball, and Heaven’s Design Team!

(Image: Crunchyroll)

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