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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Has Been Delayed Again

Will we ever be free from moving movie dates?

We Are Venom

I finally thought we were out of the “here’s a new release date” world, and yet … we’re right back in it. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is now pushed to a September 17th release date and … I’ll never be free. All of 2020 was (expectedly) filled with release date changes on movies and trying to navigate a world where going to the movie theaters wasn’t an option.

So now that we’re getting vaccines and on the track to go back to movie theaters in a more normal fashion in some foreseeable future, the movie industry is still trying to figure out how to redo their film schedule. So Venom 2 went from a summer movie to the kickoff to fall, and sure, I guess? It’s more frustrating than anything because so many of us (myself included) had hopes of returning to the theater sooner rather than later once we’re vaccinated. And sure, September isn’t that far away, but after a year of not being in a movie theater, I’m tired of waiting.

Right now, movies are still up in the air. Even Black Widow, which is scheduled for a May 7th release, is still at a “last call” basis which means it might still be a Disney+ release or moved again. So … when will we be free from this push? Honestly, who knows? We were supposed to have seen Eternals already and we haven’t even gotten a trailer.

And these are just Marvel releases. With Warner Bros., they’re doing their own thing and releasing movies on the streaming platform HBO Max while still doing some theatrical releases, and so who knows when that will shift to just having theatrical releases again. Until then … we’re stuck in a weird version of Groundhog Day where we just keep pushing movies further and further out and I just will never know peace again.

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