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#UpOrDown: The Internet’s Biggest Optical Illusion “Mystery” Since #TheDress Five Whole Minutes Ago

Can this please not be A Thing? Too late.

Oh my dear lord, Internet, what have you done now?

Since  #TheDress apparently introduced the concept of optical illusions to the world and freaked the people out, there is now a new optical illusion in town. Because it’s been five whole minutes since the Internet had something silly to debate. is responsible for taking this random cat photo off of Imagr and turning it into A Thing. (Thanks for that…)

So, is the cat in the above Tweet going #UpOrDown?* But more importantly – do you care if it’s not your cat?

Much like what happened with #TheDress, companies are already jumping on the bandwagon to incorporate #UpOrDown into their marketing. As I sit here awaiting the inevitable think pieces and scientific articles analyzing what people see and what that means, I’m left to wonder…

…aren’t there more important things to be debating?

*For the record, I’m #TeamUp. That thing at the top of the photo is totally floor.

(via – because THIS IS HARD-HITTING NEWS! *sigh*)

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