Things We Saw Today: Vulture Ranks the Gayest Marvel Films and the #1 Pick Is Genius

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Vulture has made Pride Month a little bit brighter with its ranking of the “gayest Marvel movies.” Kyle Buchanan’s list is beautiful, stupendous, and delightful in so many ways. I won’t quote too much here because really, working through this article is half the pleasure, but here are some highlights:

– Edward Norton simply doesn’t have queer appeal, and if dating Courtney Love can’t give that to you, nothing can! (-200)

– This movie labors so hard to give Thanos a motivation when they could have just gone with “I love jewels.” (-75)

– Briefly features a Mara sister (+40 but no offense to Kate, it would be more points if they got Rooney).

– Assumes we want to see Benedict Cumberbatch shirtless and sometimes it’s nice to be invited to the party even if you don’t actually want to go. (+11)

Before looking what would be your bet for the #1 Gayest Marvel Film?

(via Vulture, image: Disney/Marvel)

  • The CW has announced its release dates for the newest season’s DCTV shows. The only real change is Legends of Tomorrow is moving to a new time slot, but it seems like everything else is in order. (via DC TV podcast)
  • There was some debate about whether the upcoming Guardians movie would take place before/after Infinity War but James Gunn has decided to be put it to rest. The answer is … (via i09)
  • Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor and that’s the way we like it. Even though Lena Headey did the role justice on the small screen, on the big screen we can’t help but wanna see the OG and these new set photos reminds us why. (via Coming Soon)
  • DC to release 3 exclusive Batman figures at SDCC this year! (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • If ABC is still looking for a solution to their Roseanne problem, well, Christopher Plummer offers himself as a solution. Him. (via The Guardian)

How would your ranking of Marvel gay movies go?

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