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Twitter Took on a Time-Honored & Very Important Hotness Debate: Young De Niro or Young Pacino?

de niro and pacino together

If you didn’t grow up in an Italian household, this fight might be one that really seems odd. But as someone who grew up watching the filmography of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, this weekend will go down as one of the best times to be online—all because a debate needed answering and Twitter users answered the call.

Twitter wars are often a sign of people just passionately rooting for one thing over the other, whether or not your thing of choice is one you’ve ever even given much thought to in the past. Which is why the weekend of Mother’s Day was spent with everyone tweeting out hot pictures of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. For those unaware, both men were hot. It’s not that surprising, Italians are hot. It’s in our blood. But De Niro and Pacino are both incredibly attractive men and so the minute people on Twitter could fight about it, they did.

Writer Ashley Reese posted that she was at a wedding and debating about Pacino vs. De Niro and posted a poll to help decide. The results? Everyone loves them both because they really were just two hot Italian boys trying to make good movies. And incredibly, the poll results are split pretty much exactly at 50/50, with over 277,000 votes total as of this writing.

That’s how much we love both Pacino and De Niro. We can’t decide who is hotter because they both are! (Honestly, if it was any other percentage, I think I would have been very upset. But I love that it ended up 50/50 even if I did vote for De Niro in the end.)

The reality is that this is the sweetest fight I have seen debated on Twitter. Because it wasn’t just like everyone screaming at each other about who is right and who is wrong. It was just fun.

It’s De Niro for me

Look, I think both Pacino and De Niro were hot. But my mother made a great point when I told her about Twitter’s dedication to Italian icons. She said that they were both good looking but De Niro is still an attractive man and it did make me realize that 79-year-old Robert De Niro was hot to me. I am sorry to Al Pacino, who I love. But you just look too much like my family members to me. But De Niro? He’s someone who is still an attractive man and yes, this poll was specifically about the young versions of these actors but that does have the potential to color your opinion in this debate.

Still, Twitter had a lot of back and forth with good evidence presented on both sides.

So whether you’re a De Niro or a Pacino fan, it’s important to note one thing: They’re both hot. That’s why we all started fighting with each other over it. Two hotties can do this to a timeline. And what better hotties to do it than Michael Corleone and young Vito Corleone?

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