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This Tweet About the ‘Turning Red’ Kids Fawning Over Riku Is Exactly Why We Need ‘Turning Red’ in ‘Kingdom Hearts 4’

Give me the 4*Town/Hikaru Utada "Simple and Clean" remix I BEG YOU!

Turning Red/Kingdom Hearts

With Kingdom Hearts 4 being a thing that’s going to exist at some point in our lifetime, many questions have been circulating about what the long-running series could have planned for us next. The initial thoughts on the trailer were along the lines of “wow Sora’s real-world apartment is EXPENSIVE” and “RIP to those giant ass shoes,” oh, and cool gameplay, that too.

It was only a matter of time before fans would begin to wonder what worlds could make an appearance in the game once Sora finds his way out of… the afterlife? Star Wars, for example, has been brought up as a possibility – with some evidence from the trailer. While I certainly can hear Goofy hyucking his way through an explanation about that “being no moon,” there’s a tweet going around that has me hoping that Kingdom Hearts lets the panda out.

One of the hosts of a podcast called “The Gorge: With Ben and Sara” took to Twitter to explain why Turning Red needs to be a world in Kingdom Hearts 4 (or IV if you’re so inclined). It didn’t have anything to do with game mechanics or plot, instead, Ben felt that it would be a major missed opportunity if the game didn’t let a group of 13-year-old girls from 2002 meet Riku.

Lord, I remember 2002 Kingdom Hearts. More importantly, I remember 2005 Kingdom Hearts 2 with blindfolded Riku and the Axel Shakira hips memes (his hips don’t lie). That’s my way of saying that Ben is absolutely right, and I’m gonna need to see who Mei sketches in her notebook.

Not that this is a deciding factor or anything, but it’s interesting to note that Turning Red takes place in 2002, and Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002. Coincidence? I think not!

What a Turning Red world could look like

Turning Red could legitimately be a fun world to play through in Kingdom Hearts. In a perfect world, Kairi would be a major part of the stage, since Turning Red has such a nice focus on female friendships and Kairi could join Mei, Mirium, Priya, and Abby. She could have to be the one to (try to) explain what’s going on when the heartless come around and she could have a pretty stellar team-up attack with Panda Mei (and, let’s be honest, the other girls would join in too).

Kairi becoming a part of the girl group would be especially amusing if Riku is, indeed, a boy crush for Mei and the others. He’d fit right in with 4*Town. In fact, I want his gameplay to focus on hitting the right notes in a pop song with the band. Insert lots of Riku confusion when he ends up backstage at a concert and 4*Town insists that he get on stage.

Let Riku sing “Nobody Like U” you cowards!

Truth be told, I’m not holding my breath on Kairi taking top billing in world exploration, so I’ll settle for Sora, Donald, and Goofy using the power of friendship to comfort Mei when her mom’s too hard on her. The trio would also tell Tyler to stop being such a bully, and they’d probably help the girls try and make money to go to the concert. The final battle would be similar to the one in the film, only amplified because of whatever Organization member is the big bad in that world.

Turning Red would also be perfect for Kingdom Hearts because the 2002 clapbacks would fit right in. Imagine The Organization coming in with their black, hooded coats, calling Sora and the gang a bunch of losers like they always do. Mei and the girls would be ready with a swift “jerkface” or “talk to the hand.” That being said, Priya would definitely ask where The Organization got their outfits from so she could be a moody goth kid.

Obviously, I have no idea what stages Kingdom Hearts 4 is going to have, but I do think Turning Red should be up for consideration. We deserve to watch Mei scribble herself sharing paopu fruit with Riku… or drawing her Riku x Sora ship, either way.

Also? I won’t rest until Tyler fanboys about Riku’s existence.

(Featured Image: Pixar/Square Enix/edit by Briana Lawrence)

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