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Here’s How You Can Turn Your Blind Box Collectibles Into Super Cute Earrings

Because you NEED mini Catwoman earrings.


Raise your hand if you can’t resist blind box collectibles—or not, if you have the power to ignore mysterious treasures, unlike me.

While I don’t give in and collect as much these days, I’ve built quite the collection. Much of it is from Heroclix, but since I don’t buy them for gameplay, they just sit around collecting dust. So these days, I’ve been donating them to make room for new items to love and repurposing the ones I can’t part with into jewelry.

To me, repurposing unloved treasures into jewelry is a super simple and inexpensive project that allows you to showcase your collection in a new way—not to mention it is so easy that you’ll knock it out in a few minutes!

Take my hand, and I’ll show you the way.

Blind Box 1

What you’ll need:

  • 2 blind box figures
  • A pair of earring hoops
  • A pair of eyepins
  • X-acto knife
  • Pliers
  • FIRE (lighter, match, stove top)
  • 5 minutes of your time

Optional: Jumper charms

Step 1: Remove any attachments or props from your character that you don’t what to include. Eartha had a huge “RAKKK!” plastic speech bubble behind her that I thought didn’t suit this project. Use your judgement!

Step 2: Lightly Press your X-acto knife where your character’s foot and the base meet. Slice the sole of their shoe in a single swipe or a slow short slices. Repeat until your character is freeeee.

Blind Box 2

Blind Box 3

Step 3: Decide how long you want your eye pin to be and cut accordingly. Hold your eye pin with pliers and safely heat it up with your fire for a few seconds. BE CAREFUL, cutie.

Blind Box 6

Step 4: Quickly (and carefully) insert the hot eye pin into the top of your character’s head. You only want the eye part of the pin visible, so grab the visible loop and push with some force (or use the Force)—not too hard, though, because you don’t want to break anything.

Blind Box 7

Step 5: [Optional] Make it cute(r)! Before adding the earring hooks, add some cute jumper charms in between. Part the eye pin with your pliers to add the charm and crimp it closed to secure it.

Blind Box 8

Blind Box 9

Step 6: Crimp the jumper of your fish hook earrings to slide in your charm …

and ta-da!


Like always, all that’s left to do is take lots of selfies with your new project! Be sure to tag @themarysue and me, @thecrazybatlady! We’d love to see how it comes out! If you have any tips for fellow readers, leave them in the comments below.

Jessica is a pink-clad brat-girl, blogger, and craftswoman headquartered in NYC. You can find her collection of adventures in beauty, cosplay and more of her tutorials over at her blog, The Crazy Bat Lady.

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