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And Now, a Viral Opera Parody About How Much Trump Sucks

This is wonderful.

Are you like me, sitting around thinking that Tosca’s evil Scarpia seems like a far more reasonable authority figure than Donald Trump? No, just me? Well, how about a skewering of Trump set perfectly to Rossini’s The Barber of Seville? I am officially obsessed with this viral video.

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Uploaded to YouTube a few days ago by Operatico Politico, the comedic, operatic take adapts Rossini’s famous Barber aria, “Largo al factotum della città,” (you know, the one that goes Figaro, Figaro, FIGARO!!! that you sing loudly when you think no one else is around).

Although the singers do an excellent job, the video really must be watched for its full hilarious effect. The “news anchors” describe our national Trumpian tragedy—more shocking and full of twists, turns, and villains than anything Puccini fever-dreamed about—with a mix of real and, ah, exaggerated Italian. In the description, they say they were inspired by the old “Opera Man” skit on Saturday Night Live—but this takes it to a high note that Adam Sandler couldn’t reach. I don’t want to spoil the experience by saying too much. Just watch, trust me.

Operatico Polico can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. Creators (and professional opera singers) Rebecca Nelson and Eric Stoklassa declare that they’re on a mission “to bring truth, comedy and stress-relief through operatic musical-comedy and satire.”

Let’s give ’em the attention they deserve in the hopes we get more of these masterpieces. For the true gift of setting to music what is most in my heart every day, all I can say is Bravo, bravissimo! 

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