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Coder Creates Device for Trading Pokémon With Yourself, No Longer Needs Friends

Hacker would like to trade lvl 1 Rattata for lvl 100 Mewtwo. Y/N?



Screw you, Nintendo, and your attempt to make people play games—ugh—together. Pepijn de Vos has some other plans. Using a little bit of know-how and an Arduino board, de Vos devised a system for trading Pokémon using a single Game Boy to catch ’em all, all by himself.

Sadly, it only works with the original Game Boy versions of Pokémon, but for anyone who grew up playing those games, it’s like an urban legend come true. Here it is in action to ease the pain of your lonely childhood with no one who wanted to trade:

Admit it. This would have blown your fragile little mind in 1998.

The code is available to anyone who has residual pent up frustration with first-gen Pokémon that only evolve by trading. Bite me, Kadabra.

(via Engadget, image via Bryan Ochalla)

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