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You Should Really See This Tomb Raider Fan Art by Priscillia Thomas

Clever Girl

“I thought Lara would feel like all of nature was against her after the shipwreck. With that image in mind, I saw her sinking at the heart of the island, pursued by some scavengers, with the night falling behind her. I wanted her to look panicked and determined at the same time, because she does not know if she’s going to survive. She’s not ‘Tomb Raider’ just yet, but is still Lara Croft!” –- Priscillia Thomas, graphic designer and creator of a series of some seriously kickass Lara Croft fan art called Survive. Here are some things you need to do right now: 1. Click through to find the full size of the graphic to the left. 2. Visit Thomas’s online portfolio at DeviantART to see her full collection.



Here is a bigger version of the top pic, click for the full size:

(via Tomb Raider on Tumblr)

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