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Tom Holland IS Nathan Drake in First Look Images for the Uncharted Movie


Tom Holland and Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake is the main playable character in the Uncharted series—a game I, admittedly, have played a little of. But I still saw Nathan and know what his deal pretty much is. So, when the movie for Uncharted was announced with Tom Holland cast as Nathan Drake, I said, “Oh, okay. That makes sense.”

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Now that there’s a picture of Holland as Drake, I have to admit: I was right.

(When I pitched this piece, our own Dan Van Winkle said, “I mean, he looks like a baby version of Nathan Drake playing dress up in dad!Nathan Drake’s clothes, but sure, ok. 😈,” and I am shaming him for it.) [Editor’s Note: Why are you booing me? I’m right.]

Nolan North, who brought Nathan Drake to life in the video game through voiceover and motion capture work, went to visit the Uncharted set and brought us more behind-the-scenes imagery, and honestly, we all SHOULD find someone who looks at us he way that Nate looks at Nate.

A professional treasure hunter and an “action-pro,” Nathan Drake is a man who you just know could take on whatever his adventures throw at him, and the discourse around Holland’s casting has been circulating since it was first announced that the movie would star the Spider-Man actor. (The movie itself has been in development hell since 2015, but Holland was announced as Nathan Drake in 2017.)

While, most of the time, Nathan Drake is a bit older, we’re going to be seeing a younger version of the character in this movie, with Mark Wahlberg (who was originally set to play Drake) playing Nathan Drake’s mentor, Sully.

From what I’ve played of the game, I think this movie has the potential to spawn a fun franchise that takes a look at the video game as well as the comic aspects of Uncharted and brings new fans into the series. This picture alone has made me ask my brother if we could play more of it when I come home for the holidays this winter, so already, it’s doing its job to get people to look back to the source material.

The initial reactions to the news have been a bit mixed. While fans of Holland are excited (yes I know that I fall into this category, thank you), those who love the game are a bit more on the fence.

Uncharted is supposedly coming out next summer, but lol okay, I will believe that when I see it. But I AM excited!

(image: Sony/Naughty Dog/Marvel Entertainment)

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