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Breaking News: Tom Holland Is British

Queens has been betrayed. Not like the Queens of England but like the borough.

Tom Holland at the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

There comes a moment in every young fan’s life when they realize one thing: Tom Holland is British. Sorry to those who expect Peter Parker to be from Queens himself, but Tom Holland (who is arguably the best live-action incarnation of the webbed hero) is from the most English sounding place.

Thomas Stanley Holland was born in Kingston upon Thames in England. I have no idea where that is, but it sounds like William Shakespeare probably has been there at some point in his life. He also says things like “pop in” and “nip” when he means “go somewhere,” so I don’t know how this is surprising.

To get us started, here’s a video of Tom Holland being so British for just two minutes straight.

The thing is: This comes up a lot. Do people not sit and watch interviews constantly? Is this just me? Am I a monster? Someone please help me. I’m having an identity crisis!

But the point is that I knew this from the minute my sweet baby boy swung onscreen because I looked him up, saw he was Billy Elliot on the West End, and called my mother screaming because she maybe saw him in one of my favorite musicals—still to be determined on that one.

But now, my favorite thing is logging onto (or even The Mary Sue staff chat, because today, I sent a Tom Holland video and our own Jess Mason yelled, “Tom Holland is British?!!?” and I fell to the ground) and seeing how many people discover this on the reg.

Well…to be fair…maybe Tom Holland doesn’t even know if he’s British or not.

And yet we still had this missed opportunity:

So, now that you know, here is a video of Tom Holland being British and playing with dogs! A delight!

I mean, according to Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland is always in a pub playing pub trivia when he calls him on FaceTime, so I don’t know how much more British you want him to be.

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