Tinder & Spotify Join Forces to Help You Meet Your Music-Loving Match. But Would That Even Work?

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Two very different smartphone apps—Tinder and Spotify—have decided to work together to help you find a date who shares your musical taste. Or, at least, warn you ahead of time if said date doesn’t share your musical taste … which doesn’t preclude you dating them, but it might serve as a good conversation starter!

As of today, those of you who use Tinder can select an “Anthem” to put on your profile so as to indicate whichever song’s been your jam lately. Even if users looking at your profile have never heard the song you’ve chosen, they can still draw their own conclusions, because they’ll be able to stream it live from your profile. If you have a Spotify account, you can merge your Spotify and Tinder accounts and thereby allow users to see what other bands you’re into, in addition to your chosen “Anthem.”

The blessing, and the curse, of Tinder is that it provides very little information per profile, beyond the basics. By adding in the “Anthem,” Tinder is already branching out into a more traditional profile structure; they’re not exactly asking you to list all your favorite movies, books, and TV shows, but it’s still more personal information than you’d ordinarily expect to find without messaging someone to ask.

The structure is almost akin to the old school MySpace days when everybody had a streaming mp3 on their page. I hope the track doesn’t auto-play every time someone swipes you!

Like I said, though, musical taste doesn’t necessarily tell you much about whether or not you’re going to get along with somebody. Then again, neither does their photo, or their name, or their age, so … that’s dating for you!

Speaking of which, I both love and hate how this Tinder/Spotify commercial announcement (embedded at the top of this page) makes online dating look like an incredibly fun party. It may not be much of a party in real life, but at least now, it’s going to have a killer soundtrack.

(via Pitchfork, featured image via Tinder)

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