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The Throwable Fire Extinguisher

This is nifty: A Japanese fire extinguisher called the SAT119 can be thrown like a grenade to put out small fires, shattering to disburse both a “diluted extinguishing agent” and a mix of carbon dioxide and ammonium gas to snuff the flames before they spread. The container itself is made of fragile plastic, not glass, so its not likely to slice up the thrower. It’s not recommended for use on large fires, however.

When ampoule is thrown at the fires the chemical will disperse over the burning area. At the same time, the extinguishing chemicals would generate ammonium gas. Water evaporation would cool down the temperature of combustibles (cooling effectiveness) while ammonium gas would create a fire retardation effect that restrains the burning chain reaction. At the same time, one of the main ingredients for SAT119 and carbon dioxide produced by heat would suffocate oxygen and restrain combustibles from burning (cutting oxygen).

Demo video below:

(via DVICE, There I Fixed It)

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