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The Thor: Ragnarok Honest Trailer Is a Trippy Joy To Behold

Often it can feel like Honest Trailers (rightfully) skewer a movie, but their take on Thor: Ragnarok has me grinning as much as the movie.

Rather than focusing in on flaws or plotholes, the Ragnarok Honest Trailer snarkily celebrates what was good here—the whole thing is a riff on how great Ragnarok is when compared to Thor and Thor: The Dark World before it. The trailer also gets in some much-needed jabs at the MCU en masse and even the DCEU.

“After The Dark World, Marvel is back with a radical new formula for the Thor films—not making them suck.”

There’s some shade for our lost Warriors Three, who fall under the movie’s “trimmed fat”: “Thor’s friends that you couldn’t name with a gun to your head.” Also trimmed: Thor’s dad, Thor’s homeworld, even Thor’s hammer …

There’s then a delightful montage of the many, many times that Thor gets electrocuted throughout Ragnarok, despite “being able to shoot lightning from his hands.” Watching all of these in a row, you really have to admire Chris Hemsworth’s commitment to his full-body “I’m short-circuiting” routine.

“When Thor’s father Luke Skywalkers himself into the afterlife, his sister Hela, goddess of pointy things, will return to claim the throne in an epic family feud that will make you wonder—are we sure Thor isn’t the adopted one? Put him next to Hela, Loki, and young Anthony Hopkins, and tell me he’s not the odd god out.”

(This is a point fans have been riffing on since Ragnarok came out. It usually boils down to Hela and Loki are the angsty goth siblings while Thor is the cheerful middle child who loves sports.)

The wonderfully wacky director Taika Waititi gets his due here, with the trailer noting that the movie is “out with the old, in with the jokes.” Many, many jokes, as we go on to see. And then, as concise and brilliant a summary of Ragnarok’s appeal as any I’ve seen:

“Yeah, they overdo it sometimes, but this is a movie where an orgy spaceship shoots fireworks over the rainbow bridge where Hulk fights a zombie wolf. If you’re mad at tries to make you laugh, you’re doing it wrong.”

Oh, and there’s some more shade for the Warriors Three, but I think you should watch that for yourself.

“Enjoy the first Marvel film that actually looks like a classic Marvel comic book, and reminds us all that Thor is a cosmic viking created by nerds on acid in the ’60s. It should look crazy.”

“Hopefully taught Marvel an important lesson: don’t fire the weirdo [flashes to picture of Edgar Wright exiting ‘Ant-Man.”]. Embrace him. Embrace that Weirdo.”

And here are a few of those Honest Trailer “starring” credits, always my favorite part of their trailers:

and of course, we can’t forget …

(via Honest Trailers, image: Marvel/Honest Trailers/screengrabs)

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