In New Thor: Ragnarok Featurette, Hela Says, “Kneel for Your Queen,” Like I Wasn’t Already

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With this latest featurette on Hela, Thor: Ragnarok continues to give me the content I most desire. In the footage, director Taika Waititi and stars Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth discuss the movie’s female villain and her motivations, and we also get to see some new scenes of Blanchett chewing up scenery, men who think they’re powerful, and my heart.

There isn’t much new information here, but I’ll be damned if every scene of Blanchett as Hela doesn’t make me more excited for this movie.

“Hela’s the goddess of death,” Blanchett explains, “and I’ve had incredible fun playing her…I think the best villains are always those that you kind of love and hate what they do, but you sort of understand it. There’s a logic to it.”

“Hela’s the first female villain that we’ve had in a Marvel film,” says Waititi, “and Cate has destroyed the idea of your typical villain…[Hela] wants to come back home and be accepted. She wants what’s hers.”

“Some of the happiest times have been beating people up,” says Blanchett. “It’s like, ‘I don’t have to speak today, I can just throw axes into someone’s gut.'”

Blanchett’s Hela is darkly condescending in basically every line in this featurette, telling the men around her, “Kneel…for your queen,” “You look like a smart boy,” or “You’re in my seat.” Combined with her lines from previous trailers – “What were you the god of, again?” – the marketing for this film suggests a female villain who’s just dripping with cold rage and disdain for all of Asgard in every scene.

And I’m really into it, everyone.

(Via Collider; image via screengrab)

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