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This is What The Wasp Could Have Looked Like in Ant-Man

Lookin' fly, girl.

We don’t see much of The Wasp in Ant-Man (much to some people’s chagrin), but we might have seen a different side of her had the costume designers gone with their original vision for her.

As seen in a YouTube video posted by Parka Blogs, the coffee table book The Art of Ant-Man contains a page featuring alternative designs for The Wasp’s look. And girl looks pretty fly in all of them. Just look at those wings in the last two!

Wasp outfit

In the comics, we’re used to seeing The Wasp with, well, wasp-like coloring of yellow and black. But the behind-the-scenes team on the movie seems to be set on her rocking red and black, much like her pal Ant-Man (and unlike Yellowjacket). The question is what was it about these variant designs that made them not worthy of the final cut of the movie?

They could have looked great on Janet or Hope, right?

(via SlashFilm)

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