Do You Have an Amazing SysAdmin? Nominate Them For Our Contest!

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I’ll bet you had no idea that July 29th was SysAdmin Day. But don’t you think they deserve some props for running your favorite web sites, office, school and other computer networks, making sure they stay up 24/7, allowing for pretty pictures, delivered emails, snappy content, but always behind the curtain like a mysterious … man or woman behind the curtain? Along with our editorial siblings at Geekosystem, we are teaming up with ThinkGeek to provide some prizes and recognition for a very righteous SysKing and SysQueen. But this is where you come in, dear reader: It’s up to you to provide the nominees for ThinkGeek’s 2011 SysAdmin Pageant. And here is even more good news: You don’t even have to nominate anyone in order to win a $500 shopping spree for yourself!

Here are the many prizes from ThinkGeek the SysAdmins are up for:

The iCADE, plus a 16GB wifi iPad

A 4GB Ironkey Hard Drive

A Luxeed U7 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

USB Doomsday Device Hub

The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag

A Real Red Swingline Stapler

A Phantom Keystroker V2


A “I’m Here Because You Broke Something” Tee

And finally, so bragging rights cannot be denied, one custom “SysKing” or “SysQueen” pageant sash. We haven’t seen it, it’s under wraps for the moment, but we already know it’s gorgeous.

And that’s not all: The Mary Sue and Geekosystem will, respectively, be providing our own secret mystery prizes to the SysQueen and SysKing.

Here is how this all happens:

Step 1: Enter yourself here for the $500 shopping spree at ThinkGeek.

Step 2: Write an essay — about 1,000 characters long — telling us why the sysadmin you have nominated is worthy of this treasure trove of prizes, why they should be chosen above all other sysadmins, and maybe even why they should be controlling the Earth.

Step 3: Do this all before 11:59 PM July 28th, the day before the winners are announced.

There is your mission, if you choose to accept it! Keep checking this space for more updates, and start buttering up your favorite sysadmin through the majesty of the written word. We’ll be waiting!

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