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Things We Saw Today: Women Remedy the Lack of Lesbian Emojis by Creating Their Own

It is the right of all people to communicate with tiny pictures.

Emojis have a representation problem, so the lesbianemojis Instagram (by Katie Streeter & Kim Linn) has stepped in to fix it. Take a look at the rest of their work on the Tumblr and then maybe show your support by buying some prints! (via SheWired)

  • Geeks OUT has opened submissions to their first Geeks OUT Anthology Graphic Novel! Head on over and check out the requirements to submit your work. They wrote, “The theme of the book is POWER! However you want to interpret that is fine by us! Think geeky! Think queer!”
  • A new study shows that women who request flexible work schedules are denied more often than men, say it with me: Surprising no one. (via Jezebel)


You can now buy your very own LEGO USB flash drive. Of course, because it’s LEGO, it can also be built to be an anything you want flash drive, so get creative and have fun! (via

  • International hero John Barrowman continued being the best by experiencing what it’s like to be deaf for a day and writing about it to support the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, so you should go read that. (via Daily Mail)
  • will finally hire a trust and safety officer to respond to complaints and help reduce harassment on the site. (via


Winter is coming, so grab this Game of Thrones mug with a direwolf inside to surprise your friends as they warm up with some hot chocolate. Or you could not use it to hide a scary thing in people’s opaque beverages, but come on. (via That’s Nerdalicious)

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