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Things We Saw Today: How Big the Tsunami Wave Really Was

Things We Saw Today

This is an image from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory illustrating just how world-engulfing the tsunami wave from the Sendai earthquake was. Click here for the full version.

Just a reminder that Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 am tomorrow morning. So, set your Boba Fett alarm clock for the occasion! (at TrendHunter)

In other news, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been rescheduled — once again — for a June 14 opening night. We advise everyone to abstain from holding their breath. (Feel free to stay for dessert, Spidey family.)

And in other-other news, to update a previous post, Trent Reznor will not be involved with the film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter after all. No doubt he contemplated this, handsomely, in solitude.

If you’ve ever given away a bad landscape painting, this guy might have snatched up and added a monster to it. Just letting you know. (at Flavorwire)

What Made You Do This, Charlie Brown? (at National Post)

And, to close, a chicken bounty hunter. [Insert vegetarian joke here] (at GeekPr0n)

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