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Things We Saw Today: ThinkGeek’s Outstanding April Fools’ Day Products

Happy April Fools’ Day! It’s the worst day of the year! I hope you’ve gotten through this day of “hilarious” corporate jokes without getting too annoyed.

However, one company really crushed it today, capturing the spirit of the holiday without enraging or frightening anyone. ThinkGeek, the makers of some excellent nerd swag, have been promoting a bunch of hilarious fake products on their website and their social media. I 100% recommend that you click through to the actual product pages for a big laugh.

Aside from these, though, all corporate April Fools’ jokes should cease. I am the April Fools’ Scrooge, and thus do I decree.

  • Speaking of which, The Washington Post has a running list of today’s April Fools’ Day pranks so that you can keep track and avoid being fooled.
  • The ever-excellent Laurie Penny wrote about the struggles of being a woman “in public,” especially online, for Longreads.
  • Okay, fine. This post about the discovery of porg bones is one more April Fools’ prank I actually find funny.

  • Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds posted a wonderful bit of X-Men artwork on his Instagram. The Where’s Waldo? style piece features a bunch of X-Men characters, from Deadpool himself to Professor X to Magneto to Jubilee, and Reynolds challenged his followers to try and find all the references: “I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached, or hidden.” Happy hunting, Mary Suevians! (via io9)

    I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.

    A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

  • Looper recently shared this wonderful compilation video of the special effects from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I always love seeing both the absurdity and the artistry involved in this sort of stuff, and the video did not disappoint. (via Nerdist)
  • Lena Waithe would like to make a biopic about Mary Tyler Moore. “I don’t think people are expecting that from a black lesbian from the south side of Chicago,” she said. “But, I read her autobiography more times than I can count.” I would definitely watch that. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

What’d you see out there in the wide world, readers?

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