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Things We Saw Today: Let’s Look Beyond the Mega-Blockbusters on That Disney Slate

Nimona graphic novel cover.

Earlier today, Disney unveiled their multi-year plan to basically dominate the box office and our wallets for the foreseeable future. The somewhat overwhelming slate was obviously full of tons of Star Wars and Marvel news to salivate over (also more Avatar than anyone ever asked for), but hidden between the blockbusters there were a few extremely exciting gems. For example:

And also:

Both Nimona and Bob’s Burgers were announced back in 2017, but we haven’t heard much news regarding either in some time so no one would blame you if you forgot or if this is the first you’re hearing of them. Originally, Nimona was slated for a February 2020 release, so the new March 2021 date is somewhat disappointing but really, I’m just so happy it’s still happening!

What are you most excited about in this Disney lineup?

  • Adidas is making Pokémon sneakers and they are excessively cute. (via Kotaku)
  • The creators of the new Queer Eye have a show in the works that focuses on LGBTQ+ weddings! Word behind the scenes is that they’re seeking out genuinely inclusive vendors and other partners (in an industry that can be incredibly exclusionary), making this extra exciting. (via City Beat)
  • It’s been one year since the Trump administration began separating families at the border with no plan in place to reunite them.

  • Check out the trailer for the incredible looking The Farewell, starring Awkwafina.
  • Jameela Jamil on the problem with “sample sizes.” (via HuffPost)
  • Jill Biden says it’s time to “move on” from her husband’s horrible treatment of Anita Hill which is funny because I think it’s time to move on from the Biden family. (via NPR)

What did you all see out there today?

(image: Nimona, HarperTeen)

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