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Things We Saw Today: But Is This Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cat or Not?


Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo in Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw

Meet Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin.


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Try to take a pic of me right now without laughing… impossible

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Imagine browsing through Instagram, seeing this sad cat, and falling in love. That’s what happened to me, and then I fell into the conspiracy theory that the cat is, in fact, Jake Gyllenhaal’s cat.

Sure, the tweet misgenders Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin and says for certain that she is Jake’s cat, but we don’t have complete confirmation. What we do know is that the cat has been making fans fall in love and has quite a following. Does she actually belong to Jake Gyllenhaal? Does he spend his free time just taking fun pictures of her? If so, maybe I love Jake Gyllenhaal?


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Do you have any books that are written in meow?

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Did we miss anything out there today? Let us know what you saw, Mary Suevians!

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