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Things We Saw Today: LEGO Jurassic World‘s Trailer Hits All The Right Hype Notes

Clever girl.

It seems like hype just continues to build for Jurassic World, and this trailer for the new LEGO Jurassic World is no exception. There’s something special about hearing the movie’s theme slowly build as tiny little LEGO minifigs are running in terror from plastic dinosaurs. Something special indeed. (via The Daily Dot)

  • Speaking of Jurassic World, its director, Colin Trevorrow, said that he’d rather not direct the sequel, if there is one. In an interview with Italian pop culture site (as translated by Coming Soon), he said, “Jurassic Park is like Star Wars. Different directors can give a different taste to each movie.” That actually makes a whole lot of sense, to be quite honest. What do you think? (via Empire Online)
  • Actor Andre Tricoteux was last sighted on the Deadpool set in a motion capture suit in mid-April. It’s confirmed now that he’s doing stunts as a stand-in for Colossus for the movie. He’s only listed as a double, so someone else could very well be voicing Colossus. (via Comic Book Resources)

This bit might be just for you film geeks, but CBR has posted an 18 minute video of Mad Max: Fury Road b-roll footage. There’s no narration or music or anything, just the audio of the crew and cast filming and the stuntmen yelling things. It’s a great look into the process of filmmaking and all the intricate little bits that go into making a movie like this one.

  • Apparently one of the things that doomed the LEGO Universe MMO was how much time and energy they put into preventing people from building giant… uh… phalluses. Megan Fox, a senior graphics coder who oversaw LEGO Universe, took to Twitter to explain what would happen. “YOU could build whatever you wanted, but strangers could never see your builds until we’d had the team do a penis sweep on it.” (via Polygon)
  • Do you feel like you could use more Hit-Girl in your life? Well, Mark Millar might have some teaser-y bits for you. In an interview with JoBlo, he says he’s interested in opening that universe back up. “I love the idea of there being Hit Girl movies, it has to be the right story though,” he said. “And now I feel is a great time for her, so it could be really interesting.” (via Comic Book Resources)

What did y’all see today? Anything exciting? Hope so. Let us know in the comments!

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