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[UPDATED] Things We Saw Today: Target “Most Likely to Screw Up Star Wars Merch”

#WeWantLeia, but not like this!

[UPDATED 5/8/15 1:22pm] – Target PR rep, Evan Miller, reached out to us with the following statement about the above Star Wars shirt!

It is never our intent to offend guests with the products we offer, and we take feedback from guests very seriously. We are in the process of removing the item from our stores and I would appreciate if you’re able to update your piece with this statement so your readers know how seriously we take this situation.

TMS reader, Kirsten McKnight tipped us off to this really disappointing men’s Star Wars shirt from Target featuring Leia as “Most Likely to Be Rescued.” Really? Not “Most Likely to Rule?” or “Most Likely to Be a Senator?” or “Most Likely to Rebel?” Get it together, Target!

      • Hallelujah! DC Collectibles’ Arrow line is finally releasing a Laurel Lance/Black Canary action figure we’ve been waiting for! (via Toybox)
      • The All Male Panels Tumblr can help you spot all the instances where programming folks at events think that the only experts worth listening to in any field are male ones. And these events/conferences get the Hasslehoff “stamp of approval!”


  Oz Doctor Who Belle wants adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere. Thankfully, The Doctor shows up to give her just that! Check out these awesome Beauty and the Beast/Doctor Who mash-up shoes from Shoe Fury, drawn by the talented Karen Hallion. Available for $69.99. (via io9)


    • Jason Momoa is on a roll lately! Not only is he Aquaman, but he’s recently been cast in the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven, joining an already badass cast featuring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Byung-hun Lee. (via Screen Crush)



If you’re a fan of Mindy Kaling’s first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), she’s just revealed the cover for her follow-up, Why Not Me?, due to drop in September. (via Entertainment Weekly)

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