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Things We Saw Today: Stargate Wedding Rings Show You’re Connected No Matter What

You know, because of wormholes. Or Love. Whatever.


What better way to celebrate a bond that connects you no matter where you are than with Stargate wedding rings? Answer: There isn’t one. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

  • As you’d expect, Facebook’s first female engineer has some thoughts about the gender gap in tech, and we should all listen up. (via Wired)
  • Portland’s Skate Like a Girl has teamed up with a local shop for a female-friendly skateboard design contest in addition to the other great ways they make skating feel less exclusionary to girls. (via Oregon Live)


Have a magical Christmas with a Harry Potter Christmas tree how-to. (via Neatorama)

  • By the way, Paramount would like to submit the cinematic genius that is Transformers: Age of Extinction for your Oscar consideration, Academy. Seriously. They took out an ad and everything. (via io9)
  • There’s a new lightsaber design out there for everyone to argue over—except Han and Obi-Wan. It’ll actually put their disagreement over blasters to bed. (via /Film)


This spacesuit-inspired jacket won’t protect you on Mars, but it just might protect you from any Earth-based, Mars-cold winters you have to endure. Too bad that fancy space tech drives the cost up to about $1,800. (via Gizmodo)

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