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Things We Saw Today: Tardis and Dalek Jell-O Shots

I hope that Tardis is normal-sized inside. For your liver's sake.


I think there’s a missed opportunity here for “Cidermen” shots, but down the hatch nonetheless. (via That’s Nerdalicious)

  • Irish wildlife conservationists are concerned that the Episode VII shoot is interrupting bird breeding. I guess this would be poor timing for a “do or do not” joke, huh? (via Entertainment Weekly)
  • Collider reports that James Gunn is “interested” in directing a Thunderbolts movie for Marvel, because now he can do “whatever he wants.”

Courtesy of John Roberts, the voice of Bob’s Burgers‘ Linda.

  • Bad excuses for the lack of diversity in comic book movies: the bingo version! (via Pajiba)
  • An armed man dressed as Deadpool was arrested on a train in Sydney. (via The Daily Telegraph)


ThinkGeek‘s R2 yoga pants: bleep-bloop-Namaste. (via Laughing Squid)

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