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It’s the Year of Florence Pugh and We’re Just Living in It

Florence Pugh in the Black Widow trailer

Florence Pugh is one of those actresses where I suddenly look at her IMDb page and realize I’ve seen almost everything she’s done without meaning to. Maybe it’s because I’ve been told I look like her, so I’m supporting my dopplegänger, or maybe it’s because she’s just making amazing film after amazing film, so we’re all inclined to support her work. Whatever the case may be, Florence Pugh is taking on Hollywood, and I’m excited to see how it continues.

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From Midsommar to Little Women and Fighting With My Family, her career is varied and interesting, and she very clearly isn’t afraid to shy away from genre films. All that being said, it makes it easy for us to support her career, and today, with the arrival of the Black Widow trailer, we’re reminded yet again of just how much Florence Pugh has been in.

Honestly, though, it isn’t that she’s in every movie in 2019. It’s that she’s, consistently, in great movies. It makes her an actress that we want to look for in our movies and one that we know will bring the kind of performance we can respect. One doesn’t just star in Lady Macbeth right out of the gate without some kind of clout to back her up.

That being said, it has made for many of us joining the “Florence Pugh hive”. I’ve been here for quite some time, even if I didn’t realize it, and now that her star is even more on the rise (and she’ll probably win an Oscar sooner rather than later), the hive can rise and thrive! (Especially if Black Widow does what I think it’s going to do and names Pugh’s Yelena the new Black Widow of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

Twitter has taken to praising Pugh today, and honestly? It’s a movement I can get behind.

You can see Florence Pugh in Little Women, and then again as Yelena in Black Widow.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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