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And Now, The Witcher’s Entire Plot Parodied in 20 Seconds


The folks over at Seriously Sketchy did an admirable job condensing all eight episodes of Netflix’s The Witcher down to 20 seconds. This video really hits the big plot nails on the head. “They say 20 seconds isn’t enough to recap the whole first season of Netflix’s The Witcher,” reads the caption. “I say, hold your roaches and watch me try – it’s fast & dirty!” It is!

In this 20-second humorous rundown, we get a broad overview of important milestones on The Witcher. Sure, it doesn’t make a ton of sense if you haven’t already seen the show, but the show doesn’t make a ton of sense even as you’re watching it, so why should we split hairs?

Seriously Sketchy the Witcher in 20 seconds

As we speed through the plot, we see moments like Geralt stabbing various monsters (and Renfri), Yennefer saying, “I don’t want babies,” then post-magical transformation, “I want babies,” the “child surprise” surprise party in Cintra during Pavetta’s betrothal banquet, Jaskier annoying Geralt in the bath with his singing, Ciri running around in the woods, Yennefer torching Nilfgaardians (while confused wizards speak up: “You’re not our leader!”), and more.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more straight-up Witcher parodies. With its half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek tone, the series would seem to lend itself to good-hearted mockery. But since this is not a poor summation of what actually happens on the show, you can also use it as a lure to get friends who may still be on the fence to watch. While we’re inundated with media and distractions from every direction, who doesn’t have 20 seconds to spare for your Witcher?

(images: screengrab, via Seriously Sketchy, Geeks Are Sexy)

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