Move Into the Overlook Hotel With This Virtual Reality Version of The Shining

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Would you like to stay in the Overlook Hotel, as inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic adaptation of The Shining? Sure, you could visit the hotel where the movie got filmed, but it’s just not the same as getting to experience the sensation of wandering around the sets while they’re all made up to look like the movie. That’s where Shining360, a 3D video and virtual reality experience, can make all your spooky wishes come true.

You don’t even need a pair of VR goggles to enjoy the 3D feeling of the video above, which features the entire 30-minute journey. Just click and drag your mouse around within the video screen to “look around” as you travel along. I’m not sure how it would feel if you were watching this with goggles on, rather than just as a full-screen video, but I can imagine it’d be even spookier.

This project, created by digital artist Claire Hentschker, recreates the sets from the movie via photogrammetry. Using this process, as Hentschker’s website explains, “3D elements are extracted and extruded from the original film stills, and the subsequent fragments are stitched together and viewed along the original camera path.”

She calls the project an “experiment,” but it appears to be a finished experience that you can enjoy (depending on your definition of the word “enjoy”). The experience has also been supplemented with an appropriately moody soundtrack, which Hentschker explained is “a stretched and edited version of the original score” from the movie.

Go ahead, check out that video up top. But don’t lose your grip on reality in there, okay?

(via Laughing Squid)

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