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The Secret Lives of Gargoyles

Need to remind your parishioners of that which awaits the sinner in Hell?  Need to remind your parishioners exactly how one becomes a sinner?  Need rain water kept away from the mortar in the walls of your cathedral?  Gargoyles have got your back.

A rundown of what different types of gargoyles mean:

Poster R J Evans on has a very thorough review of the symbolic significance of different types of gargoyles.

Lions represent the sin of pride, and the sun; dogs represent loyalty and greed; serpents of course symbolize the fall of man; and monkeys the sin of sloth. Evans’ article becomes truly interesting when describing its last two categories of gargoyle: chimeras, figures made of parts from several different animals (as in the above picture), and human figures, used to represent saints and sinners.

While there are parts of the largely un-sourced article that we’re a little hesitant about (wolves are linked to priests?), overall it is really interesting and informative.  And last but not least, it is full of pictures of beautiful gargoyles.

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