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The Russo Brothers Made Me Cry With This Captain America Tribute and I’m Mad!



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You know, the Russo brothers may just like to watch us all suffer. With a Twitter icon that is the two laughing at the pain of fans (it’s a meme, but still), one thing is clear: The Russos like our pain and like to make us cry—or at least that’s how it feels. If we weren’t already sad after watching Avengers: Infinity War, they’ve made it their goal to remind us all that our favorite characters are dead or going to die.

The Russos like to make us suffer, and now they’re going to share fan videos on Twitter that are tributes to Captain America? Who gave you the right, Joe and Anthony Russo? WHO?

On Twitter, the Russo brothers decided to showcase a fan video created by iAmRookie. In it, we get to see everyone telling Steve Rogers that the war is over, and he can go home, which feels like we’re being slapped in the face repeatedly.

Do you feel like your heart has shattered into a million pieces and cannot be restored? Because that’s how I feel! With rumors about what is going to happen to Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame floating around everywhere, this just feels like another nail in his proverbial coffin.

Here’s the thing: We are all aware that Steve Rogers is probably going to die. That’s not news to any of us. With the thought of Steve leaving the MCU on the horizon, many of us are just pretending that Avengers: Endgame isn’t going to rip out our hearts and stomp on them repeatedly.

But, clearly, the Russos want us to be reminded of this fact over and over again. Please, let me live! I still have a month and a half to pretend like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are going to survive the war against Thanos. Let me live in this lie for a little bit longer.

Hell, one of the theories about Steve Rogers’ death even includes him traveling back in time to be with Peggy Carter, which … again, please don’t hurt me like this. Our sweet boy just wanted a home—wanted to do good, have a family, and remain the Steve Rogers we always knew and loved. Throughout his time with the Avengers, he changed, but still just wanted to do the right thing.

And now that he could be coming to the end of his time with the Avengers, I don’t need to think about Steve Rogers leaving all he’s come to know behind and either dying or going to be with Peggy. I’m good with living in my denial for the next month and a half.

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