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The Mary Sue Subscription​: ​​Our Dedicated ​​(and Personal) Newsletter​

The Mary Sue Subscription​: ​​Our Dedicated ​​(and Personal) Newsletter​



You may have seen some of our posts last week about The Mary Sue subscription service (including this article by our owner and founder Dan Abrams ​ making changes in response to readers’ feedback). If this is the first time you’re hearing about our subscription, that’s cool, too! We’ve got a FAQ page to answer all your questions, but the gist is that a monthly $4.99 membership ​​(or $3.99 if you do it annually) gets you:

  • A totally ad-free site!
  • Monthly live chats with The Mary Sue editors!
  • A subscription-only newsletter with behind the scenes info and links to other sites’ stories we are loving each weekday!

What’s the deal with the newsletter, you ask? Here’s the deal with the newsletter!

Every weekday morning, Maddy, Jessica, Teresa, Dan, or Carolyn will be sending out a newsletter to all our awesome subscribers that gives you some behind-the-scenes insights about The Mary Sue, including a rundown of the articles from our staff and contributors that we’re excited to bring you in the coming days. Last Friday’s newsletter told subscribers ahead of time that we’d be making an announcement on the site later that day about feedback-based changes to the redesign, so if you’re someone who likes knowing which articles to look out for and expect, you’ll probably enjoy getting messages from us in your inbox every Monday through Friday morning.

We’re also striving to make these newsletter as personal as possible, which means we’ll be sharing how we as individuals—not just as editors—are feeling about specific events, articles, movies, etc. (for instance, today’s newsletter features a spoiler-free rundown from Dan, Carolyn, and Maddy about their Civil War feels).

The Mary Sue newsletter also curates a list of some of the things on the Internet or in the nerd ‘verse that day that we think our subscribers would be interested in learning more aboutfor example, last Friday’s newsletter discussed Nathan Drake’s high kill count in Uncharted 4 and recommended some reviews to read for more information. That isn’t an issue we’ve discussed anywhere else on the site yet.

Bottom line: the newsletter is our way of trying to make your mornings as fun, informative, and geeky as possible. It’s also a token of our immense gratitude to the people who are able to subscribe. The Mary Sue subscription service is a vital step in being able to pay all of our writers and offer you the most thoughtful content possible. The Mary Sue can’t be The Mary Sue without subscribers’ help, so we hope you’ll consider subscribing today.

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