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Good afternoon, gentlefolks of the internet. Some of you might know The Mary Sue is always open to new contributors, but we thought it was time to make sure everybody knows.

You can find all the information on how to become a contributor right here, at our Contributors page. But here’s some more info!

You should apply to be a contributor if… you are well-informed on areas of geek culture (or areas of geek culture as they intersect with issues of representation and diversity), have a passion for writing, and enjoy working creatively. We do hire professional journalists on a case by case basis, as they apply through our [email protected] address, but this is for folks with a passion about a topic or a post they’d like to republish!

“Is there anything you’re looking for in particular?” I hear somebody shouting from the back of the room. I’m glad you asked, audience plant. Allow me to list some things:

[Update: We are now also looking for:

  • Contributors who have a background in writing about science and tech, and who can report, provide commentary, or produce creative pieces that make STEM and space relatable and enjoyable for a wider audience.
  • Contributors with access to next-gen consoles (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One) who are interested in game reviews.]
  • Contributors who can report, provide commentary, or produce creative pieces related to news in the anime and manga communities.
  • Contributors who can report, provide commentary, or produce creative pieces related to news in the video and tabletop gaming communities.
  • Contributors interested in creating, discovering, and/or showcasing geek crafting and cosplay techniques and guides.
  • A geek sex columnist, who is up for interviewing creators at the nexus of geek and the erotic, and can talk easily about geeks and kink, erotic comics and fiction (fan or otherwise), dating sims, sex bots, mythical animal dildos, you know, the usual.

But even if you don’t fit into one of those niches, we still want to hear from you! Just head right over to our Contributors Page.

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