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The Internet Is Now Obsessed With Baby Kermit as Well They Should Be

The internet just loves green baby puppets.

The internet being obsessed with Baby Kermit is proof that wholesome bits of the internet, that warm your heart, still exist in 2021. But where did this obsession come from and why does Baby Kermit look absolutely adorable? Disney Junior is the answer. The programming block on the Disney Channel has been the home of the reinstated Muppet Babies show since 2018. And the Muppets, who were initially created by Jim Henson for Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, have taken part in Muppet Babies: Show and Tell, Muppet Babies Play Date, and Disney Junior Music while on Disney Junior.

The video above, and where a lot of the current Baby Kermit love comes from, is from the Muppet Babies Play Date. In it, you see Baby Kermit playing the banjo while singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with special guest Skye. Animal, the muppet drummer of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, appears a couple of times, throwing off the rhythm of the song or making it better. I still haven’t decided yet which is the right one. Baby Piggy and Baby Gonzo subsequently appear to help Baby Kermit and Skye finish the song before snack time.

The love for Baby Kermit and the rest of the babies didn’t start on Disney Junior, though. Before it, there was the Muppet Babies animated series in 1984 that ran for seven years. The series featured iconic characters like Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo, and more. They were cared for by a kind nanny while they explored the vastness of their imagination through other film and television productions like Star Wars, Labyrinth, and even Henson’s The Muppet Show itself.

Baby Kermit and his friends were adorable then, and they continue to be adorable in 2021. And we’re grateful to artists, fans, and fellow meme creators for spreading the Baby Kermit love once more. Like I mentioned earlier, wholesome content like this in 2021 is healing. It’s proof that there is still hope, joy, and fun to be found in the midst of everything we’re going through. And if it’s through Baby Kermit and the gang, then so be it!

(image: Disney Junior)

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