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Monday Cute: The Flash’s Keiynan Lonsdale Delivers a Prideful New Single With Preach

Although Keiynan Lonsdale is not returning to The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow in a reoccurring manner, the Australian actor/singer has released a single to keep you pumped with all the power of the speed force.

“Preach” comes from, according to an email he sent to FADER a period in his life from over a year ago, and while the meaning is indeed to be whatever an audience may be, the beautiful self-expression within the video makes me wish it could be June all the time.

“I wrote ‘Preach’ over a year ago.. but I didn’t know what it actually meant, or its significance to my life, until several months later. Both the song and the video have become like my mirrors, so everything good & bad that comes with one’s own reflection has, of course, presented itself through this project haha.

I want everyone to have their own interpretation of it for them, but for me it’s about fucking with your own soul, agreeing to be on the ride together no matter what, and discovering/remembering that magic is real if you believe it so.”

Lonsdale came out last year saying that he liked both men and women (he doesn’t label himself as bisexual) and also starred in Love, Simon. Since then he has been a very open advocate for the LGBTQ community and talking about the importance of representation of queer characters. In an interview with Billboard a few months ago he said this about him coming out again after going back in the closet when transitioning to American work.

Yeah. I actually don’t label myself, but… Some people call me queer, some people call me bisexual, whatever it is now, I’m happy with all of it ’cause it all sort of represents me, in a way. I spent a majority of my life in the closet. I knew I was attracted to both [genders], but I was really repressing any kind of genuine feeling I had for guys. It just became really painful. At some point, I came out to a lot of friends and some family, but then I went back in the closet when I started working as an actor in America.

Then I realized in order for me to fully embrace myself, if I really wanted to grow as a person, then I needed to just let go of any kind of shame that I had. And the best way to do that was just to be out publicly. Then it was done. It wasn’t something I’d ever have to hide again.

All I have to say to that is …  Preach.

(via Youtube, image: Screengrab)

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