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‘The Flash’ Director Reveals the Film’s Biggest Surprise Cameo

Cameos are one of the most anticipated aspects of The Flash, which is set to hit theaters on June 16. This is because the film takes place in an alternate timeline accidentally created by Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) when he goes back in time to save his mother. Anything is possible in this alternate universe, seeing as how Michael Keaton’s version of Batman and Man of Steel‘s General Zod (Michael Shannon) make appearances in the film. As a result, viewers have been anticipating surprise appearances from other actors from DC’s film history, and potentially even from Grant Gustin’s Arrowverse Flash. However, there’s one big confirmed cameo in the film that fans likely weren’t expecting.

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Spoilers ahead for The Flash!

Ahead of The Flash‘s release, Muschietti revealed that one of the film’s most surprising cameos belongs to Nicolas Cage, who is finally making his debut in the DC Universe. While it’s surprising that The Flash nabbed such a prolific actor for a cameo, Cage’s role may even be more surprising.

The Flash‘s Nicolas Cage cameo, explained

Muschietti confirmed to Esquire Middle East that Cage appears in The Flash as Superman. The cameo isn’t random, though: Back in the 1990s, shortly after the success of Tim Burton’s Batman, Warner Bros. had tentative plans to reboot the Superman franchise, as well. This reinvention was to come in the form of a film titled Superman Lives, directed by Tim Burton and starring Cage in the titular role. Kevin Smith was actually the one who came up with the idea for Superman Lives and was even tapped to write the script. Burton reached a deal with Warner Bros. to direct the film, and it was set for release in 1998. Meanwhile, Cage was the top choice to portray Superman and even made it to screen-testing for the role.

However, Warner Bros. had a rough period in the ’90s with box office flops like Burton’s Mars Attacks and critical failures like Batman & Robin. The studio ultimately opted not to take the risk with Superman Lives, and the film was never made. That hasn’t stopped it from intriguing fans, especially considering the popularity of Burton and Cage. Now, 25 years after the ill-fated Superman Lives first became a topic at Warner Bros., Cage will finally play Superman on the big screen in The Flash. His cameo in The Flash might give viewers a taste of what Superman Lives could’ve been, and Muschietti told Esquire Middle East:

Nic was absolutely wonderful. Although the role was a cameo, he dove into it… I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.

It’s unclear exactly how The Flash will work in Cage’s Superman cameo, especially since some fans theorized that Superman is dead or does not exist in the alternate timeline. Cage is officially appearing in the film as Superman, though, and may bring some satisfaction to those who have remained intrigued by Superman Lives after all these years.

(via Variety, featured image: Warner Bros.)

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