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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3.2

We just started up the third and final episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne last week, and now it’s time for the next chapter in our ongoing Let’s Play through the entire game. If you’d like to watch the entire playlist in order, starting at episode one, you can check out the full playlist on our YouTube channel!

Anyway, last week we recapped the choices we made in episode one and episode two that have led us up to this point. Our version of Michonne decided to spare Randall’s life at the end of episode two, which will doubtless impact the events we see unfolding here, although the full aftershock of that decision hasn’t yet been revealed. Last week, episode three kicked off with a lengthy flashback for Michonne, providing us with an introduction to some of her buddies from the boat from the beginning of the game.

Flashback time’s over now! The second chapter of episode three opens with Randall, face bloodied, hands still in a vice. He’s overhearing a conversation between Samantha and Paige and Michonne; Samantha is saying she really wants to kill Randall, and the only reason he’s alive is because Michonne didn’t let it happen. The trio of women walk into the room, Randall starts talking smack, and Samantha goes right in on kicking him in the ribs.

Paige and Michonne pull Samantha off of Randall, and Michonne reminds everyone of the plan: they should be able to trade Randall in exchange for “safety” once Randall’s sister Norma shows up. Randall spits in response to this; he thinks his sister and her cohorts will kill his captors regardless. Randall points out that Michonne burned down their entire encampment over the course of her escape; Michonne tells him that was an accident, but Randall doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Samantha reminds the group that Randall just killed her dad, who “isn’t even in the ground yet.” So there’s a lot of harm done on both sides, hm?

Suddenly, Pete starts radioing Michonne. “Please pick up; something’s happened,” he says. Hmm… this really seems like a trap. Michonne picks up anyway. Pete tells her that Norma has kidnapped the rest of the crew from his boat. I guess that’s why the game re-introduced us to all those nice characters in that flashback! Now we’ll understand why Michonne wouldn’t want to see them in peril.

Norma takes the walkie-talkie from Pete and starts talking to Michonne, saying she’s willing to trade Randall for the crew, but anything they do to Randall, she’ll do to the crew. Uh, good thing we didn’t kill him already? Anyway, the deal is struck. Norma will be there at sunrise to make the trade.

Randall starts laughing. He knows he’s already been beaten up pretty badly, and Norma won’t be happy about that. But he’s alive, and he doesn’t seem like he’s doing that badly, really.

As the closing credits of the game splash across the screen, our Let’s Player Sam muses about what she might decide to do in the next chapter. It’ll be a hard choice! Sure, Michonne and her allies have made some pretty bad mistakes in their journey that have led to loss of lives, but we’ve been here all along, so we know that those mistakes had no malicious intent. But does that mean our heroes shouldn’t take some sort of responsibility for what happened? What form of recompense could they possibly offer at this point? Meanwhile, Randall and Norma seem pretty darn ruthless, but from their perspective, Samantha’s family has been stealing from them for years. It’s every gal for herself out here in a zombie apocalypse, though, so taking responsibility for one’s actions seems secondary to survival.

What are we gonna do when Norma shows up? Wait ’til next week and you’ll see.

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