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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1.6

It’s time for another harrowing chapter in the life of The Walking Dead‘s Michonne, as The Mary Sue’s Sam Riedel takes us through the sixth checkpoint in Telltale Games’ new adventure series.

Last episode, we saw Michonne taken captive by Randall and his suspicious community. Fellow captive Samantha told Michonne not to trust any of them. After Samantha and Michonne attempted to fight back, Randall knocked Samantha out cold, then he took Michonne upstairs for a talking-to.

In this episode, Michonne gets the chance to talk to Randall’s sister Norma, who runs the place. Norma always seems nice when she talks to Michonne, but she’s still not willing to remove those handcuffs, so it comes off more like condescension than kindness. Sam chooses to have Michonne insist, once again, that she’s innocent — but Norma doesn’t believe her at all. What’s the point in telling the truth if no one buys it?

Eventually, Norma decides to bring Greg (Samantha’s brother) in for questioning as well, about all of the missing duffel bags. She tells Michonne to ask him questions, since she seems to think Greg’s more likely to open up to Michonne. Michonne tells Norma she’s not willing to play the interrogator, so Randall steps up to play Bad Cop and punches Greg in the face a bit.

In response to this “interrogation” method, Greg lies and claims Michonne is an “old family friend.” Michonne decides to cover for him, earning herself a punch from Randall. Greg tells Norma and Randall that he knows way more people than just the four who’ve been kidnapped — that’s probably a lie, too, but it inspires Randall to draw his gun on Greg anyway. Greg literally pisses himself in fear over having a gun to his head. Michonne hurriedly covers for Greg’s lie yet again, which provokes Randall to turn his aggression on her instead of Greg.

One of Norma’s underlings, named Zachary, intervenes and points out that torture isn’t a very effective interrogation method. Norma agrees, telling Randall “you took it too far, like you always do.” Randall leaves in a huff, then Zachary and Norma wander off to have a word in private. Our two captives are alone at last.

Instead of apologizing for the lies, Greg wastes his time telling Michonne that he’s embarrassed about having peed his pants earlier. Maybe he should let Michonne in on whatever wacky scheme he’s cooked up with all the duffel bags? Is he the one behind the theft, or not? It would probably help if Michonne knew what the lie was so she could help Greg and Samantha with their plan. Instead, Michonne and Greg share a brief conversation about how hard it is to trust other people in this post-zombie world. Michonne shares some personal info about her past — leaving her children behind — which will hopefully inspire Greg to open up more to her in turn, later on.

Then, Randall shows up again with fellow captive Pete. Pete takes note of Michonne’s interrogation scars, then asks her, “How are we playing this?” Randall overhears this and mocks the captives for trying to work together, then he takes Michonne back to her cell — but not before Michonne issues another warning to Pete about the “interrogation” he might have to endure.

That’s it for this chapter — all interrogation dialogues, all the time. No zombie fights, just negotiations with other characters about the elusive truth. There must be some way for Michonne to talk — or fight — her way out of this weird situation, but the way out isn’t clear yet.

If you want a refresher on how Michonne got into this mess in the first place, check out our previous episodes or watch the whole playlist on our YouTube channel!

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