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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1.5


Michonne’s adventures continue in the latest episode of our Let’s Play series of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne. In the most recent episode, we left off with Michonne and Pete getting kidnapped by Randall, who’s shaping up to be quite the antagonist.

Randall makes some conversation with Michonne about her choice of weapon — the machete — and then starts trying to dig around for information about her past. Based on some guesses and Michonne’s uncomfortable facial expressions, he guesses that she lost her children, then still manages to laugh in her face about it. Then he gives Michonne one of those “we’re not so different, you and I” lines before pulling the boat into a bustling port.

Then again, Randall’s only being a jerk because he thinks Michonne and Pete were trying to steal from him. He’s only half-right when it comes to his captives overall; the two teens who did try to steal the duffel bag last episode are also tied up, but Michonne and Pete were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now they’re going to have to answer to Randall’s sister, who is apparently the leader of whatever community the two teens were trying to escape.

Randall’s sister Norma and Randall don’t give Michonne or the other captives much chance to explain what happened, though. Norma decides to divide the captives up by gender, probably because she can tell that they’ll be less likely to collaborate that way. Michonne gets led off with the teen girl, who we learn is named Samantha; Pete and Samantha’s brother get pulled off somewhere else.

Randall shows Samantha and Michonne that several of the duffel bags are missing. He seems to think Michonne is the ringleader behind this duffel-stealing issue, which is funny, because she’s never heard of any of these people before. What’s extra-weird is that he leaves Michonne and Samantha in the warehouse unsupervised, which means they could probably help untie one another and work together if they wanted to.

Michonne looks around the room for a sharp object, but she doesn’t find one; she does glimpse a hallucination of her children, though (jump scare!). Michonne pressures Samantha to tell her what really went down with Randall. Samantha tells her that Randall’s “community” likes to go after other enclaves of survivors — he’ll play nice and trade with them for a while, then kill them and harvest their safe house for supplies. That’s what happened at the house that Michonne and Pete found.

Samantha manages to loosen her zip-tie free from the railing, but her hands are still zip-tied — and so are Michonne’s. Still, Samantha suggests that they attack the next person who comes back to check on them. How, if their hands are tied? The next person to show up is Randall, with gun in hand. He leans in close and Michonne goes for a head-butt. It doesn’t work; Randall’s merely stunned, not knocked out, and he elbows Samantha in the head when she tries to sneak up on him. Samantha’s knocked out cold after that. This whole “attack someone with our hands behind our back” plan didn’t work out too well, huh?

Randall takes Michonne upstairs for another chat with his sister Norma, concluding another checkpoint. Is there an alternate ending for that checkpoint? Maybe the whole thing could’ve gone differently if Michonne had managed to get her hands free … or perhaps Michonne should have refused to fight Randall in the first place. Who knows? So many decisions!

If you’d like to watch the whole series up to this point, check out The Deadly Sue tag or watch the playlist in order via our YouTube channel.

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