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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1.4


We’re back with another round of The Deadly Sue, our Let’s Play series in which The Mary Sue’s Sam Riedel leads Michonne on an introspective journey through a zombie-filled world. In this episode, Sam gets through to the end of the fourth checkpoint in The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Last week’s episode left us right in the middle of a zombie-evading battle, complete with the quicktime events typical for Telltale Games’ adventure series. Michonne and Pete (her friend from the boat in the first few episodes) both seem alive and safe, somehow, in spite of Sam’s prediction that Pete won’t last long in this world — time will tell! For the moment, we need Pete to serve as our puzzle-solving buddy; the pair work together to break into a locked house so they can look for supplies inside.

The house, once a place where some of Pete’s buddies stayed, now contains nothing but dust and dead bodies — but Pete doesn’t recognize any of the corpses. Strangely, the bodies inside the house have been handcuffed with zip-ties and shot in the head; that’s one way to ensure they won’t rise up again. But who did the deed and left the house behind?

Michonne makes her way down to the basement, where several more bodies lie — along with a tied-up zombie struggling against its restraints. Well, half a zombie. The bottom half’s missing.

Michonne and Pete soon find a duffel bag full of supplies, but that all seems too convenient to Michonne. Why would anybody leave a bag behind? Turns out someone’s still living there; two young teens show up, guns in hand, claiming the bag belongs to them. Before anybody can argue the point, a slew of new zombies show up and Michonne proves her blade-wielding chops by defeating almost all of them herself (thanks to Sam’s speedy button presses, of course).

After the zombie fight’s over, the teen girl tries to make a run for it with the duffel bag and Sam chooses to lead Michonne after her. But before anybody can lay claim to the duffel, a whole new group of people show up, also with guns — and they’re led by Randall, the game’s main jerk. Alive people in The Walking Dead tend to pose even more of a threat than zombies, because they’re smart. Randall kidnaps Pete and Michonne, with the same zip-tie handcuffs that our heroes found on the bodies earlier. Doesn’t seem wise to handcuff people who could help you fight some zombies!

What do you all think of the episodes so far? This week’s got a lot more action-packed, huh? If you want to catch up on the rest of these, here are all of our other episodes of The Deadly Sue.

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