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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1.3

Our new Let’s Play series for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne reaches its third checkpoint in this episode, with The Mary Sue’s own Sam Riedal leading the blade-wielding heroine ever forward on her zombie-slaying journey. By the way, we encourage you all to catch up on the previous episodes of The Deadly Sue since this is a narrative-heavy adventure game with choices that matter (or so Telltale would have us all believe)!

Michonne seems to be getting along with her fellow zombie-hunting peers a little too well, so Sam predicts they’re all about to face certain doom. Getting along? Feeling happy? During a zombie apocalypse? That sort of behavior can’t last long!

Sure enough, a bunch of zombies do indeed show up in the second half of this video, and Sam shows off her newfound quicktime-event skills. Remember in the very first episode of The Deadly Sue, when Sam had never used an Xbox controller before? Yeah, she’s a boss now. A true master of pressing the A button.

What do you think about the story so far?

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